"If the IVD industry doesn't change, we will change the IVD industry!" As a pioneer and leader in the research and development of biomolecules for many years, Dr. Ming Liu, the founder/chief scientist of BioNC, has always had the long-cherished wish to empower the IVD industry with the research results of antibody engineering.    At present, BioNC has grown into a rare and innovative IVD raw material company with a full set of upstream R&D "source code" in China, and has formed two operating entities, Beijing BioNC Co. Ltd. and BioNC (Ningbo) Biotechnology Co. BioNC has a core team of 23 doctors and masters, and a team of more than 10 renowned experts including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and visiting scholars from Harvard University, and has established joint laboratories with many universities and research institutes at home and abroad.    BioNC is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of high quality IVD antibodies and antigenic raw materials, with user needs as the guide and the core competitiveness of continuous leading antibody discovery technology, actively building an independent innovation system combining academia, research, production and application, and aspiring to be the redefiner and long-term leader of high quality IVD raw materials in China. We have built a trinity of "artificial intelligence+" antibody R&D technology platform of discovery, optimization and evaluation, especially in the areas of antibody affinity maturation, humanization transformation, stability transformation, etc., and polished the "three magic weapons" technology with high barriers. Our core products cover almost all IVD raw materials, involving nearly 1500 kinds of high-quality IVD antibodies and antigen raw materials, which are widely used in various application scenarios such as chemiluminescence, immunofluorescence, lateral chromatography, immunohistochemistry and multi-factor assay. As of April 2023, IVD antigens and antibodies from BioNC have been used by industrial or scientific users in 55 countries.      The code of action of BioNC to participate in building a community for human health is to guard the righteousness and to respond to the needs of the people. In the future, BioNC will continue to provide the best quality IVD raw material products and services with its innovative technology system, and provide health protection for China and the world in the midst of the unprecedented changes of the century!

BioNC has built a three-in-one "AI+" antibody R&D technology platform of discovery, optimization and evaluation, especially antibody affinity maturation, humanization transformation and stability tran
Our molecular cloning and protein expression and purification team has solid professional technology and project experience, and can provide you with high-quality and fast routine R & D technical serv
Our bioinformatics and omics team is from Beijing Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known scientific research institutions. With rich professional technology and practi
With the leading computational biology technology and more than 10 years of practical experience in computational biology, BioNC's computational biology team can provide you with fast, comprehensive,
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